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Nicolas C. Biase
Chief Funding Officer & Chairman of Board of Directors

For the past 20 years Nicholas C. Biase has been the President of Omabuild Corporation, a multi asset class Investment Company in NY. Before that he worked for 6 years at Refco Inc on a trading & execution desk. He is the co-founder & Chief Funding Officer of the Children’s Growth Alliance. Mr. Biase has handled the charitable contributions for the Omabuild Corp for several years. He has always been a strong supporter of children’s funds that facilitate adoption and foster services. He has also been a big supporter and fund raiser for Breast Cancer research and support. He is responsible for making all the final decisions on which children’s programs are funded. He will focus most of his efforts on children’s programs in Italy and the US.

Lynn Biase
Treasurer of Board

Lynn is the co-founder of the Children’s Growth Alliance. Lynn spent 3 years (1992- 1995) as an auditor at Arthur Andersen, focusing on hedge funds. She left in 1995 to join one of her clients (a $1 billion hedge fund advisory firm named Alpha Investment Management) as head of research. She rapidly became a Partner and the Managing Director of Investments until they sold the company to Safra National Bank. She then went to work for Royal Bank of Canada to build their hedge fund advisory business. She was there for 5 years as CEO and CIO of the RBC Alternative Asset Management business. She was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after retiring from RBC. The fact she is a breast cancer survivor as well as the mother of an adopted child has driven her passion to support both important causes. For years she has been a large supporter of Breast Cancer research as well as adoption and orphan programs.