Sponsors & Friends

CGA has been blessed with many generous supporters of our important Mission. Both corporate and individual sponsors have volunteered their time or made critical donations to our children’s charity.  This list represents the many “Friends” of our program that have allowed us to share their names. We are extremely grateful to everyone of them as well as to those that chose not to make their names public on the list. “YOU ARE ALL MAKING A DIFFERENCE!”

Adam & Jesse Tuckman
Andrea Freijomil
Anthony & Sharon Kerrigone
Barbara Fields
Bernice Electrolysis & Beauty Center
Beth Stevens
Birge Watkins
Bradley & Sandra Harris
Carrie & Eric Nagel
Chera & Sons Foundation Inc
Chris & Jenn Costigan
Chris & Lisa Errico
Daniel Jennings
David & Liza Bainbridge

Christian Pietrangolare
Debra Salzman Constante
Douglas & Anita Harris
Emmanuel Verstraeten
Eric Cheng
Jeffrey & Tracy Reidenouer
Jim & Ann Connolly
Joe Huber
John Stefani
Joseph Joseph
Joseph McHugh
Joyce Biase
Kenneth Fressle
Kirk & Carrie Parker
Linda Hull

Gerald E. Chait
Matt Mccooe
Michael & Tiffany Caiati
Nicholas Biase
Paolo & Vicki Arancio
Patrick McBrien
Paul & Angela Gasparro
Pearl & Barry Radow
Preston Tsao
Rouge Tomate
Ryan & Diana Byrne
Tatyana Skribka
Stefanie & Jeff Peters
Susan Suarez
Zachary & Tracy Wydra