Our Mission

Our mission is to provide desperately needed financial support to various global organizations’ specifically setup to help children in need of parents. We will initially concentrate on programs within Italy, the US and Africa. We plan to focus our support on orphanages, adoption programs and various other kids’ out- reach programs. We will reach out to generous and caring individuals and businesses in order to raise the needed funds to continue our mission.

Our Program

CGA will search out worthy children’s support organizations in need of financial support for the benefit of the youth they serve. We are mainly focusing on programs in Italy, the US and Africa but CGA will donate to children’s causes in other countries from time to time. When we identify these legitimate organizations that we wish to support we will engage in our due diligence to make certain that the funds are being used wisely? Only after we are comfortable with the organization and its use of funds will we release the desperately needed funds to them. We will simply demand that our target organizations use our donations to provide a better quality of life to the youth they support! To start with we hope to focus on about 4 children’s support organizations. We simply don’t have the needed resources at this point to have a meaningful impact on more then 4 organizations. We hope to give continuing support to the 4 deserving organizations via annual fundraising efforts. We also hope to support more then 4 kids organizations in the future when our reserves are more substantial. Our team will receive zero compensation or fees for the work they do for CGA. All work will be done on a voluntary basis in order to maximize the effect of donation dollars received.

CGA Supports:

  • INAMI CRECHE (a Daycare Center for kids who are orphaned by AIDS or being raised by older siblings or single impoverished mothers) South Africa