Our Story

Before the creation of this nonprofit, Mr. Biase and his wife Lynn gave to various charities and causes. They did events and fund raisers primarily for Breast Cancer research but also for diabetes, children’s causes and to an orphanage in Cali Colombia named Chiquitines.

Mr. Biase and his wife adopted their youngest daughter, Catalina, from Chiquitines. They spent a month in Cali Colombia when they picked her up. After spending time at this wonderful privately funded Colombian orphanage, they decided that the kids in these types of institutions needed more help. It was this visit to the beautiful Chiquitines Orphanage that convinced them that they had to create CGA.  Before the creation of CGA, these caring individuals made donations but in an unorganized and random way. They decided that they wanted to create a more formal and professional structure to promote more substantial fund raising possibilities. The board is confident that via this organized platform they will be very successful in larger scale charitable activities and fund raising.

The organizations that we will support will carry out charitable services to children in need. We plan to support orphanages, adoption programs and healthcare facilities that specialize in children’s outreach. By supporting these institutions, we believe we can create a better future for the children served, their families and the community at-large.

CGA will seek to identify these organizations and conduct strict evaluations of their programs, financial history, and their direct benefit to the children they serve. Site visits may be required in the initial phase of the award process. CGA will then maintain regular correspondence with the organizations receiving financial assistance. CGA will be requesting regular reports and updates from the selected programs.

We will try to identify and support only a small number of children’s organizations. We feel that we can have a more significant impact if we concentrate of donations and efforts on about 4 organizations. Then we can continue to grow our support to these organizations over time as the fund raising effort bear fruit. Of course our continued support will only be given if the organizations continue to demonstrate that the funds are directly benefiting the children involved.

Our team will receive zero compensation or fees for the work they do for CGA. All work will be done on a voluntary basis in order to maximize the donation dollars received.